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Planets and Moon for Kids | Solar System for Kids

Planets and Moon for Kids | Solar System for Kids

What if the Planets replaced Our Moon? – Solar System and Planets for Kids! Learn all about what each planet would look in our sky, if they were there instead of our Moon. Watch as the cartoon planets each explain and show what they would look like and each planet’s size. Watch as our Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune travel across a city skyline, just like The Moon would. The Solar System Planets talk, joke and move their way through this video, all while teaching you all about Space facts and size of Planets.

How big would Jupiter look? Would Mercury look different to our Moon? Would Uranus look cheerful? Toy Time Town bring you this Space video for Children in their unique, educational, funny and enjoyable way. Whichever your favourite Planet is, you will learn fun, cool facts here!

Whether it is about Planets, our Solar System, Galaxy or Universe! These videos are made to entertain and educate kids equally. Each planet in our Solar System is fascinating in its own way. See what makes them such interesting planets in The Solar System, Space and the Universe. Children, families and adults alike, will find these videos about the Solar System and planets interesting and fun!

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