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Lost Original USS Enterprise Model From ‘Star Trek’ Returned To Gene Roddenberry’s Son – TrekMovie.com

We have a nice update on a story from late last year about what appeared to be the original model for the USS Enterprise showing up in an online auction after being lost for decades. That model has now been authenticated and returned to the Roddenberry family.

Star Trek mystery solved

In 1977, the first shooting model of the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series went missing. The 3-foot model used for the first Star Trek pilot (and for the credits used for the entire series) had been given to Roddenberry after it was replaced by an 11-foot model. That larger model is in the Smithsonian, but the 3-foot model sat on Roddenberry’s desk until it went missing after being loaned to an effects house during the making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

The model appeared to have gone up for auction on eBay late last year, but was quickly taken down. At that time Eugene Roddenberry Jr. was working to get the model authenticated and returned to the family. And that has now happened.

The model sat on Gene Roddenberry’s desk for years

The model’s return was facilitated by Heritage Auctions. Last fall, an individual discovered the long-lost model and brought it to Heritage for authentication. Heritage then reached out to Roddenberry Jr. to coordinate the return of the Enterprise. “Once our team of experts concluded it was the real thing, we contacted Rod because we wanted to get the model back to where it belonged,” Maddalena says in a statement. “We’re thrilled the Enterprise is finally in dry dock.”

Last Saturday, Heritage Auctions Executive Vice President Joe Maddalena returned the 3-foot-long model Gene Roddenberry’s son. The handoff occurred at Heritage Auctions’ Beverly Hills location, where the Enterprise was stored for safekeeping.

Joe Maddelana of Heritage Auctions with Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry (Josh David Jordan/Heritage Auctions)

“After five decades, I’m thrilled that someone happened upon this historic model of the USS Enterprise. I remember how it used to adorn my dad’s desk,” said Rod Roddenberry, CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment. “I am tremendously grateful to Heritage Auctions for facilitating the return of this iconic piece of Star Trek history to my family. I can’t wait to figure out how we are going to share it with my extended family, Star Trek fans around the world. We look forward to making that announcement.”

The returned model of the USS Enterprise (Josh David Jordan/Heritage Auctions)

Trek vets authenticated the model

Like the one housed at the Smithsonian, this is a key piece of Star Trek history. The authentication team included Star Trek design vets Doug Drexler, Denise Okuda, Mike Okuda, and Daren Dochterman. Drexler shared a photo of their work on Facebook (see below).

Mike Okuda also shared a pic of himself with Denise, Doug, and the model on Twitter/X…

Heritage Auctions has shared more images of the returned model so you can get a closer look…

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