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Kerry Condon Praises ‘Skeleton Crew’, Says It’s “Playful” and “Lovely”

It’s been all quiet on the Skeleton Crew front for a while, but that may be about to change. Though The Acolyte is in the immediate Star Wars future, Skeleton Crew has also been announced to be coming out later this year. The series is led by Jude Law, but we also know that Oscar-nominated actress Kerry Condon has a key role in it. Now, the Banshees of Inisherin performer has opened up about her experience on the set.


Speaking to Variety as she promotes the release of In the Land of Saints and Sinners on Netflix UK and Ireland, Condon was asked about her experience on the set of Skeleton Crew, which she shot before her career-defining role in Banshees came out. She was apparently very pleased with how the show came together:


“It’s so great. I don’t even have kids, but I’d pay to see this. I loved it. I loved being on it. There was something about it that was so innocent and playful and lovely. People say don’t work with kids or animals, but I don’t know about that. And also when children are good actors, they’re kind of out-of-this-world good.

So watching some of the kids’ scenes, it was amazing. Jude Law’s in it and I’ve worked with him before. But it’s really adventurous and they got such great directors for each episode – the Daniels, Bruce Dallas Howard, Lee Isaac Cheung, David Lowery. It was a pretty amazing group. And of course, Jon Watts who created the whole thing.”


Skeleton Crew directors


Condon’s role in the series hasn’t been disclosed yet, but it seems to be rather large, both from the announcement at Star Wars Celebration 2023 and the fact that, judging from her quote, she worked with all of the directors in the series. So far, we know that Jude Law leads the pack as a mysterious Force user (does that mean Jedi? We’ll find out.) Four kids are the beating heart of the story, and they are played by Ravi Cabot-Conyers, Kyriana Kratter, Robert Timothy Smith, and Ryan Kiera Armstrong.


No release date has been announced, though it’s widely expected that it will premiere towards the tail end of the year. For now, The Acolyte comes out on June 4.


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