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‘Enterprise’ Cast Talks Series “Death Knell,” Crusher Family Comedy Hour, And More Star Trek Cruise Day 4 –

Day 4 of Star Trek: The Cruise 7 arrived at its first destination with a visit to  Curaçao on Sunday. The island is a constituent country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and is known to most people for being a producer of the blue liqueur of the same name (which, incidentally, makes for a great Romulan Ale). The city offered Star Trek Cruise passengers walking tours, snorkeling, and beach fun in perfect weather.

The schedule for Star Trek activity on board gets noticeably lighter while in port, but the Star Trek celebrities are just as eager to get out and explore the island, so passengers are just as likely to bump into them on land as on the ship. Once everyone is back aboard, the Star Trek fun picks up where it left off. A highlight for day 4 was the Enterprise panel but there were other fun events including seeing Beverly, Jack, and Wesley Crusher on stage together.

Curcao from deck

The Mariner of the Seas arrives in Curaçao

Enterprise panel brings laughter and tears

Shortly before arriving in Curaçao, Lolita Fatjo hosted the Star Trek: Enterprise panel with Connor Trinneer, John Billingsley, Anthony Montgomery, and Dominic Keating. Unsurprisingly, many of the audience questions focused on the series’ short four-season run and sore feelings about the finale. Cast members talked about when they knew that Enterprise would be cancelled, and Connor Trinneer brought up the now-infamous request to add a boy band:

Connor Trinneer: When I heard that one of the VPs at Paramount or UPN in an effort to bolster viewership, had this fantastic idea to put a boy band in mess hall, I just went “What’s that sound?” and it was a death knell. And it never went away.

STTC7 Enterprise Panel

John Billingsley talks about early signs that Enterprise wasn’t doing well.

John Billingsley saw the end of Enterprise as a symptom of Star Trek burnout on both sides of the screen:

John Billingsley: In fairness to Rick and Brandon, they wanted a year off in between Voyager and Enterprise, and they were told they couldn’t have it. So, they kind of had to rush into production. And although there were some astute choices, mostly in the casting of the doctor, I do think they could have stood to have a little bit more thinking time.

Anthony Montgomery announced many projects he’s been working on, including a new movie (which he can’t talk about yet), plus some music arriving later this year. His memoir will be released on August 1 just in time for the STLV convention.

Anthony Montgomery hugging John Billingsley

The Enterprise cast bonds during the panel

Lolita Fatjo, who worked on the DS9 doc What We Left Behind and the upcoming Voyager doc To the Journey, said that an Enterprise documentary could be next on the list. She wouldn’t reveal details beyond “stay tuned,” though Keating chimed in with “I might even put the uniform back on for that.”

The panel ended on a somber note. Early in the morning, news had reached the ship that Kenneth Mitchell had passed away. Mitchell had been an integral part of the Star Trek: The Cruise experience for many years and passengers felt a great deal of love for him. A moment of silence was held at the end of the panel in his honor.

Ken Mitchell STTC7 Tribute

The passing of Kenneth Mitchell set a bittersweet tone for the day

Star Trek Squares returns with Walter Koenig in center

A fan favorite activity, Star Trek Squares, is a modified, Trek-centric version of Hollywood Squares. Cruise passengers compete by listening to actors answer trivia questions and deciding if the actor answered correctly or not, but the real fun is in watching the actors banter about what the answer might be, or should have been.

Star Trek Squares

Star Trek Squares has become one of the signature events of STTC

The Crusher Family Comedy Hour turns up the heat

Anyone who enjoyed the previous evening’s hilarious (and raunchy) take on “Spock’s Brain” would have been advised to attend The Crusher Family Comedy Hour, a series of sketches led by Gates McFadden alongside Ed Speleers, Wil Wheaton, and Todd Stashwick.

The Crusher Family Comedy Hour

Beverly finds out what would happen if her two sons met

All four actors reprised their Star Trek: Picard roles (with Todd Stashwick’s Captain Shaw conveniently no longer dead) and analyzed the strange Crusher family dynamic. The first sketch had Shaw acting as a therapist trying to sort through Beverly’s lack of communication skills.

Jack and doll

The family therapist gives both Jack and Wesley dolls of Beverly. Jack’s doll is significantly curvier.

Return to Risa

As the ship prepared for departure from Curaçao, passengers adopted the evening’s theme of “Return to Risa.” People threw on tropical prints, shiny fabrics, and anything that seemed appropriate to wear to a 24th-century pleasure planet. The giant Horga’hn statue stood in front of the pool deck as the band started up the party just as the Mariner of the Seas pulled away from shore at 11 PM.

risa party

The ship’s morale officers start off the Risa party by dancing with the band

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