Lasik Surgery Cost

The cost of lasik surgery depends on three factors:

  • Whether you have one or both eyes done at the same time
  • The type of lasik procedure your surgeon performs and the amount of correction
  • What city or state you are located in

There are many goods and services we purchase in the United States where there is one price that covers the entire fifty states.  Lasik surgery is not one of those services.  Surgeons in California will most likely have higher office rental rates than a surgeon in, say, Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The technology and the skills required are the same, but their underlying fixed costs differ greatly.  This is why you will find that you can get two different prices just by changing the location of your surgery.

You might see ads for surgeries “starting at” just $499 per eye.  This is not an all-inclusive price – which is something you definitely want to get from your eye surgeon.  You want all pre-surgery and follow-up surgical visits covered in your quote.  The add-ons to the $499 price will most likely increase your total cost well beyond an all-inclusive price, so you will want to examine very closely what these promotional prices cover.

Lasik surgery procedures “average” about $2000 per eye, more in some areas of the country, less in others.  If you have a very mild correction, your cost will be less than if you have a greater correction or there are other eye conditions that make your procedure more difficult or require advanced techniques to execute your surgery.

If you have one eye done at a time, which many people elect to do, your surgery will cost more per eye.  This is because the cost of the surgical room and staff are about the same whether you do one eye or two and your surgeon needs to cover these costs twice – once for each eye.

And, just as with most services you buy, some surgeons just can charge more than other surgeons.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that one is better than the other, it is just a case of what the market “will bear”.

Most insurance policies do not cover lasik surgery as it is considered elective surgery.  However, some company policies do cover all or part of this surgery and you should check with your employer.  Health savings accounts can be used for lasik surgery if you participate in one of these plans.  Lastly, your surgeon will most likely participate in a medical financing program where you can finance the cost of your surgery over time to make it fit into your monthly household budget.

Price is just one of the many factors your should consider when choosing a surgeon and surgical facility.  Experience and success rate are two very important qualifications that are more important than the cost.  After all, these are your eyes and you want to get the very best care for them.