Tuesday, January 19

This make any more sense, considering recent astronomical developments

This make any more sense, considering recent astronomical developments

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Secret session agreed upon by all members, John Murtha reading the agenda for a vote on HR 8791

What at the time seemed like a joke,
So much so the onion was able to spin it as congress having a laugh… as if this is what they would do for kicks, and like all the other signs everyone else had a laugh at their own expense (paying for it NOW) and moved on to the next distraction…
I did not buy the cover up then nor do I now, this was in preparation for something much more alarming just terrorism & climate change are the 2 biggest cover up scandals being perpetrated by Enemies of Free people world wide, to hide something else…
while they hide under ground or off planet, We are being left clueless in the frying pan at things get closer to the Change.

Murtha refers to 2 events, In an uncertain order to occur. but they are sure enough to keep it secret and allow Unlimited spending Trillions to protect themselves
where is the civilian training, when do We get armed to protect Ourselves from enormous beings with other worldly strength & powers?
In case of Escape or RELEASE?
That infers Our government of criminals has locked up some where beings of this nature.
We are Being set Up, like never before by Our Own Leaders of Lies and Distractions.

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