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Unparalleled’ – Watch The Launch Trailer –

Today Star Trek Online launches “Unparalleled,” the 32nd season of the multiplayer online game. The new season features the return of Star Trek: The Next Generation star Denise Crosby.

Unparalleled is live now

Star Trek Online: Unparalleled is available now on PC and will launch on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on June 19. his new season features the return of Denise Crosby, playing Captain Sela of the Enterprise F from a parallel universe. This new season continues the Aetherian and Mirror Borg story content within Star Trek Online, as the player’s Captain must work with allies to defend the Iconians against a mysterious, new Borg threat. Starting today, PC players can go up against a new Borg foe in the new featured episode, “Situation Under Control”, participate in a new TFO, “Borg Battle Royale”, jump into a new event, and experience a gender/species change feature, along with updates to the Infinity Lockbox.

Here is the launch trailer…

And here is the official synopsis for the story:

In Star Trek Online: Unparalleled, the Khitomer Alliance has tasked you and a new Aetherian ally with modifying an Iconian Gateway, when you receive a distress call from another universe. They’re under siege by a multiversal Borg, attacking from within a massive Dyson Sphere. Can you stop these new Borg before they gain control?

From Star Trek Online: Unparalleled

Unparalleled also includes the following new features…

New Episode – Situation Under Control
The Aetherians will send you on a mission with one of their own into a new universe, and you must join forces to stem the tide of a new Borg foe!

Brand New Task Force Operation – Borg Battle Royale

  • A new 5 Captain Ground TFO.
  • A holodeck simulation of fighting waves of Borg allows captains to gain experience in small teams holding off increasingly dangerous groups of Borg enemies of all types. The event version will last 12 rounds.
    • After the Season event ends, an infinite round version will be available.

Season 32 Event – Delete Alt Control
For this new event, players can play selected content to earn the following rewards:

  • Dimensional Hypermass Torpedo Launcher
  • Type 14 Shuttle Support Squadron
  • 500 Lobi Crystals
  • 1 Phoenix Epic Prize Token
  • 30,000 Dilithium Ore

Infinity Lockbox Update
T6 Aetherian Revelation will be added to the Infinity Lockbox.

Captain Alteration Token
Want to change your character but keep your hard earned rewards? Now you can, with the Captain Alteration Token. This new token will allow you to change your Captain’s species and/or gender, within your chosen faction.

More screenshots…

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