Monday, August 2

SpaceX Starship Test History ; Starhopper to SN-11

SpaceX Starship Test History ; Starhopper to SN-11

Here is a fun look at what SpaceX has been up to at their Starbase facility in south Texas. This is an animation of every major test article SpaceX has used to develop the Starship spacecraft which will be used to revolutionize space travel and help move humans to Mars. The speed at which SpaceX has developed Starship has been incredible to watch and they continue to amaze and inspire us all!

This animation could not have been possible without the amazing people who dedicate so much of their lives to bring us SpaceX information and video!

Thank you Felix and the whole “What About It!?” family for your kindness and support.

Thanks to Lab and his team for letting me follow the action every day!

RGV’s aerial photos have been a treasure trove of knowledge. Thank You!

Thanks to the space educators who bring us almost daily updates with fun speculation and informative breakdowns of all things space.
Scott Manley –
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Marcus House –

Also a big thanks to my fellow artists of spaceflight! You have all been a great help and such a fun community! Thanks for continuing to raise the bar!