Thursday, April 18

‘The Princess and the Scoundrel’ Gets New Picture Book Adaptation Illustrating Han and Leia’s Wedding

Han Solo and Leia Organa have a new picture book, titled Star Wars: Someone Who Loves You, displaying the scenes of their wedding, according to an exclusive from Gizmodo’s io9. The new book is a retelling of key moments from Beth Revis’ novel The Princess and the Scoundrel and features art by Sophie Li. It is designed for readers young and old as the story centers around the iconic couple explaining to their Ewok friends what love really is.


We’ve provided below the beautiful cover illustrated by Sophie Li. We’ve also included a portion of Beth Revis’ interview with io9. In it, Revis explains why this moment is key to all of Star Wars and why the book’s themes of hope and joy are important to everyone:



“So often, Star Wars stories revolve around the battle. It’s important to remember what we’re fighting for, though. It’s important to embrace the joy we have and to promise ourselves more, even in the darkest times.

Han and Leia’s wedding is the perfect symbol of this. Their romance is the heart of Star Wars, and this moment — when they’re all together, when the battle is held at bay, when they actively choose to allow themselves the freedom to celebrate … that’s something we all need. Every one of us — from the adults who watch the horrors of news today to the children who watch the adults react to it — we all need to be reminded that every battle has hope, every dark time has love. And it’s worth pausing the struggle to feel the joy.”


Star Wars: Someone Who Loves You will be released on December 3 of this year. In our review of The Princess and the Scoundrel from 2022, Tyler Bradshaw scored it an 8.75/10, calling it, “the most pleasantly surprising Star Wars novel I’ve read in some time.” Not long after, our staff also got a chance to interview writer Beth Revis and discuss key moments from her novel.


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