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‘Star Wars’ Celebration 2023 Day 4 Roundup From the LIVE! Stage

Star Wars Celebration 2023 has come to an end, and with it a final day on the LIVE! stage full of interviews,  spotlights, and panels. We’ve compiled some of the highlights below.


First up was Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahsoka Tano in The Clone Wars, there to discuss her weekend at Star Wars Celebration and how much joy and positivity the character of Ahsoka has brought to her life. She also mentioned a few merchandising collaborations that are coming our way, including a collection on ShopDisney.com which releases globally next year and that she helped design.


Ashley Eckstein on the Star Wars Celebration LIVE! stage 2023
Ashley Eckstein on the Star Wars Celebration LIVE! Stage 2023.


Today focused primarily on animation and comics, with the three main panels for the day being The Bad Batch panel, the Visions panel, and the Marvel Comics panel. The LIVE! stage guest list included many renowned panelists, including voice actors Michelle Ang and Dee Bradley Baker.


Asked about their favorite moments from season 2, Dee Bradley Baker said:


“I want to pick a favorite moment that’s a very quiet moment, sort of an unfulfilled, lingering moment, where Phee says goodbye to Tech. They’re saying goodbye, but they don’t know that they’re saying goodbye. The way they try to negotiate the emotional chasm that still connects them. I think it’s a really beautiful moment. It doesn’t finish, but sometimes that’s how it plays out in life or in a relationship, where you don’t fully say what you want or feel, and people are different. It just plays out that way. There’s something beautifully real about that final moment together. It’s also sad, but there’s an understanding between the two that this is who they are.”


Michelle Ang and Dee Bradley Baker on the Star Wars Celebration LIVE! Stage 2023
Michelle Ang and Dee Bradley Baker on the Star Wars Celebration LIVE! Stage 2023.


We also saw Matthew Wood, voice of General Grievous in The Clone Wars, as well as voice of the B1 battle droids. The crowd put him through his paces requesting various lines, such as the classic “roger, roger!” or silly battle droid renditions of Miley Cyrus’s hit song Wrecking Ball.


The crowd erupts at Star Wars Celebration 2023
The crowd erupts at Star Wars Celebration 2023.


During the Closing Ceremony, they shared a highlight reel of footage taken from the convention over the course of the entire weekend. It’s a thoughtful snapshot of the Celebration experience. We’ve included the link to the livestream footage where you can find the reel below (timestamp 5:04:15).


For the full day of programming, including recordings of The Bad Batch panel, Visions panel, Doug Chiang: Designing Obi Wan Kenobi and The Mandalorian panel, and finally, the Closing Ceremony, check out the video below:



That’s a wrap on Star Wars Celebration 2023!  The next Star Wars Celebration will be held in Chiba, Japan, in 2025. Stick around for more updates as we sift through all the news, interviews, and more from the packed weekend.


In the meantime, check out today’s recap from The Bad Batch panel as well as the newly released Star Wars Visions season 2 trailer.


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