Sunday, November 27

‘Andor: Volume 1’ Original Soundtrack Available Now

In case you missed the announcement from the other day, the first of three digital soundtracks from Andor is available today. The album, helmed by three-time Oscar-nominated composer Nicholas Britell, comprises the original score from the first four episodes of the series, currently airing on Disney Plus.


You can listen to the soundtrack on Spotify by following this link, though it’s also available on other platforms: Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and more.


On the release of the soundtrack, Britell feels very grateful for the opportunity to bring his voice to Star Wars, saying:


“I feel incredibly grateful to Tony Gilroy and Lucasfilm for giving me this opportunity and entrusting me with creating the score for “Andor.” Working with Tony on this epic series has been profoundly inspiring. Having grown up as a huge fan of the Star Wars galaxy, it’s been a thrilling and actually quite emotional experience to become a part of this universe. I’ve tried to create a musical landscape that feels authentic and integral to the story. Tony and I explored every nuance – from crafting the on-camera music, to creating the ever-evolving score, to imagining each episode’s unique variations on the theme. I am truly excited to be releasing this Volume 1 of the original music to  “Andor,” representing the soundtrack from Episodes 1 thru 4. More to come!”


The digital albums for the remainder of the series will come later this year. Volume 2 will release on November 4, with volume 3 coming after the conclusion of season 1, on December 2. Series showrunner Tony Gilroy described how lucky he is to have Britell on the series. He had this to say:


“How lucky am I? I had Nicholas Britell score my show. The best part? We needed seven hours of music and Nick lives in my neighborhood, so for the past two years, I’ve been biking to the studio and pretending to work when what I’ve really been doing is recharging my soul. Does it lessen the achievement if I say how much fun we had doing it? Or how humbled we were by the enormity? Or how much we learned? I hope not, cause we’re gonna have to try it all over again next year.”


Here is the complete list of tracks that can be found on the album:


  1. Andor (Main Title Theme) – Episode 1
  2. WE BEGIN (Time Grappler)
  3. Niamos! (Morlana Club Mix)
  4. Morlana Drop
  5. Pre-Mor Shakedown
  6. B2
  7. Rix Road
  8. Bix Caleen
  9. Kenari Council
  10. Bix Has a Secret
  11. Kenari Male Wanted for Questioning
  12. The Cassian Way
  13. Andor (Main Title Theme) – Episode 2
  14. End of Day
  15. Who Else Knows?
  16. Luthen Rael
  17. The Kenari War Cry
  18. The Night Before
  19. Pilgrim
  20. Andor (Main Title Theme) – Episode 3
  21. Mirror
  22. Corpos
  23. In Their House / Who Are You?
  24. The Reckoning
  25. Past / Present Suite
  26. Andor (Main Title Theme) – Episode 4
  27. I Came for You
  28. ISB
  29. Blue Kyber
  30. Where’s My Starpath Unit?
  31. Luthen of Coruscant
  32. Syril Suite
  33. Mon Mothma
  34. END OF DAY (Time Grappler)


Again, volume 2 (presumably episodes 5-8) will release November 4, with volume 3 (episodes 9-12) releasing December 2. On top of his Oscar nominations, Britell has been nominated four times for an Emmy. He will return to score Andor season 2.


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