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At the Strange New Worlds premiere event, TrekMovie had an exclusive chat with series stars Anson Mount (Captain Pike) and Rebecca Romijn (Number One). The pair demonstrated their onscreen chemistry on the gold carpet, talking about their characters, the fun they have on-screen and on the set, and working with director Jonathan Frakes.

Beyond wrestling with the vision of his death, what other aspects of Pike have you been having fun exploring?

Anson Mount: I think you just said. I think “fun” is one of our call words on this version of Star Trek. We wanted to get back to that sense of adventure, fun, and excitement. I think there’s something deeply optimistic in Star Trek. First of all, the idea that we’re still going to be around. But also, that it’s in our nature to explore and to reach out. So it’s important that the captain have that sense within himself as well.

And besides sitting in the captain’s chair, what has been the most “Oh my God, I’m in Star Trek!” moment for you?

Rebecca Romijn: For me personally, it was the first time walking into the bridge set during the second season of Discovery. It just hit me, physically. I think all three – Anson, Ethan and I – all looked at each other. We had no inkling the series was going come, but it was like, “Is there any chance that they built this set just for a one-off?” It was incredible! As a Trekkie, as someone who loved The Original Series, it was just magical.

Anson Mount: Especially because a lot of sets on other projects you walk in and always half of it is missing for the lights and the camera, but our sets are so immersive and functional. You feel like you’re on the Enterprise.

Ethan Peck as Spock, Anson Mount as Pike, and Rebecca Romijn as Una in publicity shot for Strange New Worlds

So there were some jokes during a panel last year about a Lower Decks / Strange New Worlds crossover

Rebecca Romijn: That sounds crazy.

Could you ever see a way to do that?

Rebecca Romijn: I don’t know how they could possibly…

Anson Mount: That’s for smarter people me to figure out.

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah. We’re not smart enough to even answer that question… It sounds amazing.

Anson Mount: I think Star Trek – as Akiva [Goldsman] always says – can be a lot of things. And we got a great staff of writers who are throwing us a lot of really fun curveballs. And we’re taking some big swings. And we’re lucky that we have CBS, Paramount Plus, Secret Hideout, and Roddenberry Entertainment to trust us to do that.

How much does Una change as we go through season one and into season two?

Anson Mount: Well, she’s gotten taller. [laughs]

Rebecca Romijn: I keep growing. [laughs] No. Well, she’s got something that she’s hiding… So that will continue to be explored and sussed out. I can’t really speak to it without revealing any more than that. But it opens up some bigger conversations going into season two and yeah, we’re just going continue to explore that, that side of her.

Rebecca Romijn as Una in publicity shot for Strange New Worlds

The characters’ stories are serialized, so do you have season-long arcs for each of your characters?

Anson Mount: That’s definitely there, yeah. There are longer arcs…

Rebecca Romijn: Arcs that bleed from season one into season two. But they are still standalone episodes.

You have shot around seventeen now, is there a favorite episode so far?

Anson Mount: No. That’s like asking me who my favorite child is…. It’s hard because the episodes are all so different, sometimes even in terms of genre. It jumps into lots of different styles. And we’ve been encouraging our directors to take big swings. So if there’s anything that I’m proud of, it’s that. We are taking advantage of the plasticity that is Star Trek.

You have been with Jonathan Frakes this past week?

Anson Mount: Yeah, he’s there right now.

What’s that like?

Rebecca Romijn: Amazing.

Anson Mount: We can’t get him off the set. Once an actor always an actor.

Is there singing?

Rebecca Romijn: There’s singing, yeah. He starts in the hair and makeup trailer in the morning, as every director does. [laughs]

Anson Mount: You know when you’re done with his shot when he yells, “Cut, print!” It’s become a saying on the set, “Cut, print!”

Anson Mount in publicity shot for Strange New Worlds.

More NYC SNW interviews to come

Stay tuned all week as we share more gold carpet interviews from the New York premiere of Strange New Worlds with the cast and creatives. Check out our earlier interviews with Strange New Worlds co-showrunner Henry Alonso Myers and executive producer Alex Kurtzman.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds debuts on Thursday, May 5 exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., Latin America, Australia and the Nordics. The series will air on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and stream on Crave in Canada. In New Zealand, it will be available on TVNZ, and in India on Voot Select. Strange New Worlds will arrive via Paramount+ in select countries in Europe when the service launches later this year, starting with the UK this summer.

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