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Strange New Worlds’ Cast Talk More About Paul Wesley’s James T. Kirk In Season 2 –

The second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is close to wrapping up production for season two, and one thing we know about it is it will include James T. Kirk, played by The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley. And in the brand new issue of SFX Magazine members of the cast talk about the new Kirk.

SNW crew talks Kirk

The July issue of SFX Magazine features interviews with the cast of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and the subject of Kirk in season two came up with a number of them. Paramount has previously confirmed that even with the inclusion of Kirk in season two, Anson Mount remains the star of the show and Captain of the Enterprise. Speaking to SFX, Mount talked about how Kirk impacts Pike:

Pike himself is not even aware of the significance of Kirk, right? He’s going to be discovering this character in real-time, hopefully at the same time that we’re discovering what a young Kirk was like.

Rebecca Romijn, who is also a genuine fan, talked about her excitement for being part of a show that includes Kirk:

It’s very exciting. We’re actually shooting an episode right now and the very last thing that happens in that episode… I mean certain things happen and you just read it on the page and you burst into tears. That involves Jim Kirk…

Paul Wesley as Kirk in Strange New Worlds

Of course, a key part of Kirk’s future history involves his close friendship with Spock. When asked if he was looking forward to building on that classic relationship, Ethan Peck said:

It’s hard to wrap my head around that. It’s already so amazing to be part of this as Spock, so to bring him into the picture is its own kind of Bizarro World for me. But yeah, I’m thrilled, and trepidatious. I hope that they really handle it again with due diligence and great care. I’m sure that they will.

It was previously reported that Christina Chong (La’an Noonien-Singh) talked about the fun she had working with Wesley on set. This may or may not have anything to do with Kirk on Strange New Worlds, but when asked the open-ended question about what other Star Trek captain she would like to serve under, Chong told SFX:

 I would say Kirk, because he’s very charming. And because, who knows… [meaningful smile]

From the July issue of SFX Magazine

Much more in the new SFX

The July 2022 issue of SFX has a lot more from the rest of the Strange New Worlds cast along with a special Pride feature about LGBTQ+ representation on Star Trek: Discovery with an interview with showrunner Michelle Paradise. The issue is showing up on newsstands now in the UK and soon in the USA and around the world. You can also buy the issue directly online.

July issue cover for SFX

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