Saturday, January 22

Picard’ Returns To Production Following Covid Pause

The team behind Star Trek: Picard, who resumed to work today following a brief vacation due to a Covid outbreak, appears to be living up to the old adage that “the show must go on.”

Picard resumed

We reported yesterday that production on the third season of Star Trek: Picard was halted on Monday when more than fifty members of the crew (a total of 450 individuals) returned from the holidays and tested positive for COVID-19. While certain members of the cast were claimed to be involved in the 50+ instances, Sir Patrick Stewart was not one of them. The pause, it turns out, has already ended, with manufacturing restarting on Friday.

Terry Matalas, executive producer and showrunner, announced the news on Twitter this morning, tweeting a photo from the set with the caption “Back at it this AM!” It’s business as usual for TrekMovie, with filming taking place on the production’s customary stages in Los Angeles, California.

Is there going to be a galley on Picard’s new ship?

Matalas’ tweet is the latest in a series of hints he’s been dropping regarding a new Starfleet ship since season three began filming. The EPS Network image above depicts what looks to be the ship’s saucer.

Matalas spent part of his brief pause on Tuesday considering a question that he shared with fans: “Does a starship have a galley?” It’s possible that this is also an internal discussion over the new ship.

For die-hard #StarTrek fans, this is a crucial question. Is there a galley on a starship?

January 4, 2022 — Terry Matalas (@TerryMatalas)

Matalas’ question was posed as a poll, with 87 percent of fans responding that starships do have galleys and 13 percent saying they rely on replicators. There is a lot of discussion and photographs of cooking and galleys on Starfleet ships in this thread, as well as debate regarding whether it was fashionable in the 24th century.

A line of dialogue from the film Star Trek: Insurrection where Picard delivers the command “Ensign, would you report to the galley and advise the cook to forgo the fish course” was perhaps the most significant piece of canon connected to this question. This indicates that Picard’s last command, the USS Enterprise-E, did indeed contain a galley, and that galleys were likely maintained on other Sovereign-class or large ships.

USS Enterprise-E

Picard’s third season began filming in early September 2021, right following the conclusion of the second season. The second season was supposed to premiere in February on Paramount+, but given Discovery’s decision to take a five-week hiatus before returning for the second half of its fourth season on February 10, it’s reasonable to assume Picard season two will be pushed back a few weeks, though no official announcement has been made. Season three will most likely premiere in 2023.