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Exclusive First Look At September Star Trek Comics From IDW –

This Thursday Publishing releases their catalog for comics coming in September 2024, and TrekMovie has an exclusive first look at the Star Trek comics. This includes the sixth and final issue of the “Pleroma” arc for the ongoing Star Trek series and the third issue of the new “Stars of Home” arc for the Defiant series. There are also a number of collections coming out in the more affordable trade paperback format.


Star Trek #24 – on sale September 18

Writers: Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing / Artist: Megan Levans


Welcome to the Pleroma, a place outside time and space where god-level species have gathered to discuss the fate of the universe! It’s up to Captain Sisko and his valiant crew of the U.S.S. Theseus to persuade the gods to allow them to help repair Kahless’ unraveling of space-time-but will they listen to mere mortals responsible for their prophesied undoing?


Cover A by Megan Levens

Cover B by Malachi Ward

RI Cover by J.J. Lendl

Star Trek: Defiant #19 – on sale September 25

Writer: Christopher Cantwell / Artist: Angel Unzueta


Miles O’Brien and his trusty holo-helm set course for the planet Antara as Romulan forces prepare to besiege the population with Worf, B’Elanna, and Ro among them. A menacing Romulan blockade stands between him and his friends, but as he braces to brave the Romulans alone, matters are further complicated when an old friend—none other than Dr. Julian Bashir—delivers an urgent message from Section 31. Meanwhile, on Romulus, Commander Sela and Spock uncover a dark secret that General Revo is willing to kill to keep secret…


Cover A by Angel Unzueta

Cover B by Justin Mason

RI cover by Declan Shalvey


STAR TREK VOL. 1: GODSHOCK – On sale September 10

Now In Paperback!  192 pages / Price: $19.99 USD


Deep Space Nine captain Benjamin Sisko returns in a new ongoing series featuring fan-favorite characters from across the Star Trek universe. Now available as a softcover with a new cover!

Stardate 2378: A bold new era of Star Trek begins! Three years ago, Benjamin Sisko made a courageous sacrifice that left him trapped in the dimension of the mysterious Prophets; now he’s returned to his home universe—with powerful, godlike abilities. But his omnipotence is failing when he needs it most. Someone is killing the gods, and Sisko and the motley crew of the U.S.S. Theseus will have to travel to the deepest parts of space to stop them.

Star Trek: Year Five lead writers Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly (Batman Beyond, Captain America) and artists Ramon Rosanas, Oleg Chudakov, Joe Eisma, and Erik Tamayo present a new ship, a new mission, and a lot of old friends! Sisko is joined by Commanders Data and Worf, and Dr. Beverly Crusher, of Star Trek: The Next Generation; Lt. Tom Paris, of Star Trek: Voyager; Captain Montgomery Scott, of Star Trek; and Ben’s son, Jake. But there are new faces as well, to surprise established fans while showing new readers the ropes.

Collects the prequel short story “A Perfect System” from Star Trek #400 and issues #1–6 of the ongoing series.


STAR TREK VOL. 2: THE RED PATH – On sale September 10

Now In Paperback!  152 pages / Price: $19.99 USD


The second arc of the critically acclaimed Star Trek flagship comic series continues with Benjamin Sisko’s quest to stop celestial genocide! Now available in gorgeous softcover format with new cover.

Sisko returns to Deep Space 9, and it’s the family reunion we’ve all been waiting for—or is it? As Sisko reckons with the sins of his past, the Theseus travels to a mysterious corner of Cardassian space to uncover the secrets of the Prophets…and learn how far the Red Path have infiltrated the galaxy!

In the follow up to Star Trek, Vol. 1: Godshock, Volume 2 collects Star Trek issues #7–10 and the 2023 Star Trek Annual by writers Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing (Star Trek: Year Five) with artists Mike Feehan and Rachael Stott.



328 pages / Price: $29.99 USD 


The Star Trek Library Collection is a comprehensive line of books that will collect every Star Trek miniseries published by IDW! In Volume 3, read a selection of the Alien Spotlight one-shots and the entirety of the Star Trek: Year Four series.

First, two series set during the fourth year of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s five-year mission! In Star Trek: Year Four the Enterprise encounters a strange series of planets, arranged to look like a strand of DNA floating through space. The crew can’t help but explore once Spock realizes that the desolate structure once supported more than 800 billion beings in the past. By David Tischman, Leonard O’Grady, Steve Conley, Gordon Purcell, and Joe & Rob Sharp. In a sequel to “The Enterprise Incident,” The Enterprise Experiment details the Federation’s experiments with a Romulan cloaking device, by D.C. Fontana, Derek Chester, and Gordon Purcell.

Also collected are two one-shots featuring Vulcans and the Gorn! A Starfleet starship arrives at a planet on the brink of its own destruction. A once peaceful society is now savage and warlike linking itself to the turmoiled past of the Vulcans, by James Patrick and Josep Maria Beloy. Then, after their shuttlecraft crash-lands on an uncharted planet, Captain Terrell and Commander Chekov calculate that their odds of survival are somewhat decreased when they find themselves facing off against an army of Gorn warriors, by Scott & David Tipton and David Messina.


Find Star Trek comics at your local comic book store or online at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

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