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SpaceX Starship Launch Tower FINALLY Near Completion!

SpaceX Starship Launch Tower FINALLY Near Completion!

SpaceX Starship Launch Tower FINALLY Near Completion!

The launch system consists of Starship and the Super Heavy rocket, that will liftoff from Starbase Stage 0, which is the launch mount and all the ground support equipment, including the 400-foot-tall orbital launch tower. That will have mechanical arms to stack the spacecraft atop the booster and ‘catch’ the vehicle(s) as it returns from space.

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Starship booster, largest flying object ever designed, will be caught out of sky by launch tower. Big step forward, as reflight can be done in under an hour,” Musk said earlier this year. “Ideal scenario in my opinion is catching Starship in horizontal ‘glide’ with no landing burn, although that is quite a challenge for the tower!

Next best is catching with tower, with emergency pad landing mode on skirt (no legs),” he added. “Just one skyscraper catching another,” Musk joked. The Super Heavy booster will be caught with “load points just below the grid fins” and “shock absorption is built into tower arms.

Since tower is ground side, it can use a lot more mass to arrest booster downward momentum,” he described in April.


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At the end of July, after less than four months of work, a team of SpaceX workers and contractors installed the final prefabricated section of a ~145m, ~475 ft tall tower, meant to support orbital Starship launches.

Above all else, SpaceX’s first custom-built ‘launch tower’ is a sort of backbone or anchor point for several massive, mechanical arms that will accomplish the actual tasks of servicing – and, perhaps, catching – Starships and Super Heavy boosters.

Work on all three of the arms, expected to make up what SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has described as “Mechazilla” has been visibly underway.

Since the last week of June, as a small army of welders carefully assembled dozens of sections of heavy-duty steel pipe, into house-sized frames.

Almost exactly two months later, SpaceX has installed the first of those three arms on the exterior of Starship’s skyscraper-sized launch tower. Known as the tower’s quick-disconnect or QD swing arm, the standalone structure is reportedly designed to accomplish a few different tasks.


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