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“To the men and women of Delta 7, your reputation precedes you,” Hauser said. “In the upcoming years, we are going to establish a style of warfare that has never been accomplished before in human history … we are going to train to fight, and we are going to fight to win. I’m looking forward to breaking ground with you, together.”

Miller highlighted Hauser as the right person for the job and praised the outgoing commander, Col. Brett Swigert, for his leadership over the last two years.

“He has done a remarkable job, he will be noted for literally doubling the combat power in Delta 7 from three squadrons to six,” Miller said.

Swigert, who will become the Director of Intelligence of Space Training and Readiness Command, shared memories of his time as commander.

“I’m incredibly humbled to have had the opportunity to lead this wonderful Delta 7 team,” Swigert said. “So, as I move over to be the Director of Intelligence at STARCOM, please reach out to me if I can ever be of assistance. Phoenix, the time is yours. Semper Supra.”

Previously designated the 544th ISR Group under the U.S. Air Force, DEL 7 was activated on July 24, 2020, with the capability of employing a variety of fixed and mobile sensors operated by ISR professionals across the globe to enable the USSF to gain and maintain information dominance and space superiority. The delta oversees efforts and operations from the 71st ISR Squadron, 72nd ISRS, 73rd ISRS, 74th ISRS, 75th ISRS and 76th ISRS.

As one of 18 organizations of the U.S. Intelligence Community, the USSF assists the greater community through the collection, processing and assessment of data necessary to conduct military operations.

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