Monday, July 22

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Space Delta 10 activated the 10th Force Development Squadron during an assumption of command ceremony at the U.S. Air Force Academy, in Colorado Springs, June 6.

Col. Jack D. Fulmer II, Delta 10 commander, officiated the ceremony with Lt. Col. Amber Dawson taking command of the squadron.

The 10th FDS is one of four units that constitute Delta 10 and focuses on providing warfighters with the necessary doctrine to conduct the “fight tonight.” The 10th FDS not only produces Space Force doctrine, but it also codifies service tactics and plays a pivotal role in Space Force concept development to posture Space Force forces and designated joint and allied partners to prevail in a contested, degraded, operationally limited and all-domain environment.

“Today, as we prepare to formally activate the 10th Force Development Squadron and instill our inaugural commander, we celebrate the remarkable journey of this unit,” Fulmer said. “It has grown from an operating location to becoming a squadron, recognized as being the Space Force’s central hub for tactics, concepts, and doctrine development.”

According to Fulmer, the 10th FDS traces its lineage to Air Force Space Command’s S5R Doctrine Shop. Upon the establishment of the Space Force, the unit was initially assigned to Space Operations Command and later transferred to Space Training and Readiness Command.

Following the stand-up of Delta 10 in August 2021, Delta 10 Operation Location-Alpha commenced its formal mission.

“The 10th FDS is an organization that punches far above its weight class ensuring that Guardians are prepared and optimized for Great Power Competition,” Fulmer said. “I’m inspired by your dedication, professionalism, and world-class production, and I look forward to seeing you prepare Guardians for this future fight.”

Following Fulmer’s remarks, Master Sgt. Andrew Arostegui, the 10th FDS senior enlisted leader, revealed the colors and raised the guidon, initiating the assumption of command ceremony for the newly activated squadron.

Service members watched as Fulmer passed the colors to Dawson, entrusting her to lead as the first commander of the 10th FDS.

Prior to assuming command of the 10th FDS, Dawson served as the deputy director for Joint and National Security Matters, Office of the Chief Operations Officer, Headquarters Space Force at the Pentagon.

In her inaugural address as the commander, Dawson emphasized the critical nature of the 10th FDS mission to prepare to heed the message called for by Chief of Space Operations Gen. Chance Saltzman.

“Nothing is more critical right now as we navigate this period of major change for our service and the nation, rising to meet the challenges of Great Power Competition,” Dawson said. “Without the discipline to conceptualize, codify, validate, and adapt, we would drift in the winds of change without weather or oar. Personally, I hear the CSO’s message as a direct call to all of us.”

She continued, “Through doctrine, through tactics and concepts, the 10th FDS is in the business of modeling lightning, to prepare the joint force in our nation’s prevailing in Great Power Competition and conflict, no matter what challenge may come our way.”