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ROBONAUT 2 is coming back from the ISS. Nasa Robot needs repairs (2018)

ROBONAUT 2 is coming back from the ISS. Nasa Robot needs repairs (2018)

ROBONAUT 2 is coming back from the ISS. NASA Robot needs repairs (2018)
Today we will take a look at Robonaut leaving the international space station. This robonaut 2 in space for the last 8 years but now the NASA robot repairs are required. Robonaut 2 went to the space station back in 2011, you can find Robonaut 2 video of when it arrived at the international space station (satellite) on mission sts-133. the last mission for the space shuttle discovery. This robot is complex not only is this a robots open door but it can also work control panels and make repairs. There are 5 robonauts 2018 and if they cant repair this one they will just send another. But Robonaut 2 iss helper did work well until the ISS crew tried to add legs and it never worked right again. So now NASA Robonaut 2 NASA repair center for an overhaul. This isn’t the only NASA robots in space but it is the only humanoid robots in space exploration NASA has. R2 will be arriving back on the earth soon . But unfortunately there will be no robonaut2 eva yet but maybe we will see a robot space walk when the space station robot r2 gets back with his new legs. This isn’t the NASA valkrie robot but it is one heck of a project. So for now the robonaut ISS space is empty but at least we didn’t see a NASA robot explodes. that would be a bad robonaut 2018 for sure.


Here on ZakDTV I like tho bring the most interesting science news every Monday-Wednesday and Friday. This is the science that will change our lives forever. We will look at futuristic transportation technologies like the HyperLoop, Virgin Galactic, Tesla Motors and anything that hints at the ability to be a teleporter.
I will also bring you advances in robotics from places like Boston Dynamic, iRobot, Hansen Robotics, Darpa and many more. We will see service robots being integrated into our daily lives and we will watch together as that happens.
Of course the future will bring forward amazing cures and advances in gene therapy using tools like crispr/cas9. These genetic modifications will lead to a longer life and possibly even human immortality. That would truly be amazing.
Of course the future wouldn’t be complete without spaceflight. Things like the moon base Nasa wants to make or the ESU and their plans to go to mars. JAXA is providing some great advances as well. We will look at new satellite tech and of course anything cool with the lab in the sky our International Space Station.


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