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Chewbacca's Entire Backstory Explained

Chewbacca's Entire Backstory Explained

Why is his weapon so different from almost everyone else’s? Why does he talk like that when he clearly understands different languages? Is Chewbacca his actual given name? We took a deep dive into Star Wars lore to find what makes this Wookiee tick.

Wookiees can be found throughout the galaxy, but they originally hail from the forest planet of planet Kashyyyk. Their trademark fur is known to repel water, which is good, because Kashyyyk has a lot of swampy areas.

Wookies are only physically able to communicate in Shyriiwook, which is that majestic Wookiee sound we all know and love.

But they can understand a variety of languages. And that comes as no surprise, because they have a lot of time to study, since they live a ridiculously long time. In 2018’s Solo, Chewbacca says that he’s 190 years old. That means in the later films, he’d be in his 230s! As far as Chewie’s real name goes, don’t worry about it. You’d never be able to pronounce it.

Chewie’s family is featured in several books, but none of the films. So even though it may or may not be canon, the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special was an infamous landmark in Star Wars history, because it’s the moment we meet Chewbacca’s family for the first time.

The plat, strange as it is? Chewbacca’s wife Malla, father Itchy, and son Lumpy, spend the show anxiously waiting for Chewie and Han to return to Kashyyyk for Life Day. But before they get back, Stormtroopers raid the family’s treetop home. Lumpy scrambles to lure the Stormtroopers away, succeeding with all but one. Finally when Han and Chewie show up, Lumpy has to watch Han blast the final Stormtrooper right before his eyes.

If this Holiday Special plot sounds a little out-of-the-box, well, that’s because it definitely is. The takeaway, though, is that Chewie has a family! And he almost never mentions them. He leaves his wife and son for years on end to have space adventures with a strange human. Keep watching the video to see Chewbacca’s entire backstory explained!


Grandpa Chewbacca? | 0:14
Deadbeat dad | 0:54
Man’s best friend | 1:57
Dine and dash | 2:32
He’s always known war | 3:09
Chewie dies in the Legends books | 3:31
Sore loser | 4:17
Mechanical genius | 5:10

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