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Every Iteration of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek – Size Comparison

Every Iteration of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek – Size Comparison

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**** I mislabeled the Enterprise-J as a F on the screen supers. My apologies.

Hi All,

Instead of looking at 2D size comparison images on Google Images, get a better perspective on the actual size differences between all the ships in the Star Trek universe that we know have been called – ENTERPRISE.

This videos has all the prime universe cannon including the Universe class Enterprise-J, the kelvin heavy constitution class and the Yorktown refit Enterprise-F from Star Trek Online.

I know some people are going to dispute some of the figures but there are so many out there that I chose the best fitting measurement based on the ship models in this video.

There will be also some that say the USS Enterprise-F is an Odyssey Class launched in 2409 in the Star Trek Online universe. Please note, the ship model in this video is the Yorktown refit after the Odyssey Enterprise and USS Yorktown were partially destroyed. The Yorktown Refit is the result of the repairs done as per this link below:’s-navy-interstellar:-through-the-valley

Ships featured:

NX-01 (Refit)
NCC-1701 (TOS Constitution)
NCC-1701-A (TMP Constitution Refit)
NCC-1701 (Kelvin Timeline Heavy Constitution)
NCC-1701-B (Excelsior Refit)
NCC-1701-C (Ambassador)
NCC-1701-D (Galaxy)
NCC-1701-E (Sovereign)
NCC-1701-F (Yorktown Class Refit – 2418 (Not the 2409 Oddy))
NCC-1701-J (Universe)

I hope you all enjoy this video!