Friday, December 3

A History Of The Klingon People – Part One

A History Of The Klingon People – Part One

Klingons: Love ’em or hate ’em, they are the Star Trek Franchise’s most fleshed out alien species. But, how much backstory has been revealed? How much do you know about this singularly epic people?

CORRECTION: At 4:06, it is “ethnocentric”. Not “ethnocentristic”. That’s an embarassing mistake. Lesson here is to not trust your spell check too deeply.

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Special Thanks – James Cutter, for providing the excellent voices of Kahless and Kortar – he sounds very Klingon, doesn’t he? Katie Boyer provided the voice fo the female Klingon Heart.

A massive thank you to Ormorje for providing some most excellent music to this episode. You should drop what you are doing and listen to his sounds right now ( You’ll be glad you did =)

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