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What Makes SpaceX's Suits So Good?

What Makes SpaceX's Suits So Good?

Created by the Hollywood costume designer behind Batmans’ iconic rubber six-pack, SpaceX’s snazzy new spacesuit pairs the bold lines of a couture tuxedo with the utopian optimism of vintage sci-fi.

How did they make it so trim? And is it really the same suit Elon Musk blasted into the inky void behind the wheel of his cherry-red Tesla roadster?

Join us today as we model the ultimate in wearable tech and learn what’s so special about SpaceX’s Astronaut Suit.

Back in May of last year veteran NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken blasted off from Florida in a test flight to the International Space Station.


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What Makes SpaceX’s Suits So Good?