Monday, August 2

What Dog Training Should Every Dog be Given Besides Being Trained to Sit on Command?

This article outlines 4 of the training that every dog should be given besides Sit on Command. This includes Speak, Quiet and others. It includes toilet training, incessant barking, jumping on you and scratching of your furniture.

There are many things that you can teach your dog, ranging from the basic sit command to many complex tricks. But, what dog training should every dog be given besides the sit on command ?

Of course, the kind and amount of tricks that you want your dog to perform is dependent on each individual.

However, there are some dog training which every dog should be given.

They are mainly related to behaviour rather than tricks. They are

1. Potty Training

This is the basic toilet training that every dog should be trained. After all, you would not want her peeing and pooing all over your house, am i right ?

Toilet training can be further divided into indoors, that is within the house where you have set aside a demarcated area for her or outdoors when you bring her for walks.

2. Incessant Barking

Another training is essential for every dog is to train them not to bark incessantly. Every dog will bark, especially confronted with strangers. However, you have to train them on when not to bark. Talk to them and try to find out the motivation for barking and to calm them down.

If the barking is due to attention seeking, you have to reward him with your attention and treat when he stops barking at the Quiet command. This presupposes that you have already taught her the speak and quiet commands previously. Conversely, withdraw your attention when she continues to bark and keep repeating the quiet command firmly until she stops barking.

3. Jumping on you

Your dog probably jumps on you every time you comes back from outside. It is actually showing her love for you and of course seeking your attention. However, you need to train her not to do that. One of the easiest way is to turn your back on her and walk away until she stops jumping. Try this a few times until she gets the message that jumping on you is not an acceptable behaviour and will not be rewarded.

4. Scratching at furniture

The final training that every dog must be given is scratching at your furniture, carpets and cushions. The reasons for these are varied. It could be because she wanted to dig up slivers of dropped food. She could also be attracted by certain smell or just her innate nature to fluff up the place before lying down. Sometimes, she could be anxious or in some cases, she is too full of energy. This is so especially when she had a long period of rest.

Whatever her motivation, you certainly wouldn’t want her to damage your furniture. One simple way to stop her from doing this is to distract her from her scratching behaviour. This could either be getting her favourite toy and throw far away and ask her to fetch. You could also break her behaviour by asking her to perform other cued behaviours.

Be Consistent

Whatever training that you give your dog, just remember to be consistent. Otherwise, she would be confused. And if, you are not the only one training herArticle Search, be sure everyone is consistent in her training.