Sunday, August 1

Engineering magnetics — practical introduction to BH curve

Engineering magnetics — practical introduction to BH curve

A practical introduction to understanding magnetic devices such as transformers and motors. This video covers BH curves, reluctance, permeability, DC and AC magnetic circuits, and some applications.

CORRECTION: at 13:48, I say that permeability can be negative. This is not true. All permeabilities are positive. Diamagnetic materials have permeabilities that are lower than empty space (eg .95 relative permeability). There is another quantity which is called susceptibility, which describes the ratio between flux carried by a material, and the flux carried by the space which the material occupies. This quantity can be negative.

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I apologize that I didn’t mention inductance. This video focuses only on the magnetic side of things. Inductance is how the electrical circuit interacts with the magnetics.