Thursday, September 16

Spitzer Space Telescope: The Musical

Spitzer Space Telescope: The Musical

A singing NASA supervisor uses song to explain about NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, and how infrared astronomy differs from visible-light telescopes like Hubble. Starring Danny Tieger (“My Universe Revolves Around You”), Buffy Henshaw (“Behind the Scenes: When Galaxies Collide”), and Tom Phillips as Flunky #2.

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NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope

Additional imagery sources include:
Hubble Space Telescope
Chandra X-ray Observatory


Spitzer was launched in 2003
The 4th of NASA’s Great Observatories
On an Earth-trailing orbit with its back to the sun
3 eyes to the sky with coolant for one.
Its 66 million miles away
Because the heat from the Earth would affect the display
Were talking sensitive instruments, keep it streaming on course
for its deep space heat-tracing gaze at the Universe

Capturing the heat instead
There is light form the sky that we can’t see
In the darkest parts of the galaxy
With Spitzer’s spectrum
We can detect them

Spitzers greatest gift to the viewing community
s the ability to see through the dust clouds that literally
Block the view of other telescopes
Unless that dust gets busted they stand no hope
Of seeing what we can, Were NASAs greatest addition
But you didnt hear it from me ’cause it aint a competition,
Yeah, were working together, combining forces for the mission
of a better sense of interstellar cosmic composition


Visible light Visible light
We can only see the stars if the stars shine bright
Infrared, (yeah) infrared
Depends on the energy in heat thats shed.

Spitzers pulling pictures like the paparazzi
Though the coolant ran out, so we cant use all three
Weve got notable photos, and even bros know it shows
The secrets of Universe are fully exposed
Like some extrasolar planets, does get you a going
‘Cause the heat from those planets has its own faint glowing
If there are half as many planets around the stars weve found
Its a million times more likely theyve got life spinning ’round
Am I blowing your mind? Are you listening to me?
Were the white coat crew that mapped our galaxy
So youre joining the team, thats hot in the head
Hooked on looking for the cooking bits of orange and red.