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Astronomy का पूरा इतिहास 丨बिना telescope के कैसे जाना सब कुछ 丨 Ancient to modern astronomy

Astronomy का पूरा इतिहास 丨बिना telescope के कैसे जाना सब कुछ 丨 Ancient to modern astronomy

I wonder, how did our ancestors discover the Solar System? They did not have any telescopes to see distant objects, right? Even a planet looks like a star from a distance.
Night skies are naturally dark and there was no light-pollution in ancient times. So if weather permits, you can easily see a lot of stars. No need to tell about the Sun and the Moon.

Ancient people had good reasons to study the night skies. In many cultures and civilizations, stars (and also the Sun and the Moon) where perceived to have religious, legendary, premonitory or magical significance (astrology), so a lot of people were interested in them. It did not took long to someone (in reality a lot of different people independently in many parts of the world) to see some useful patterns in the stars that would be useful to navigation, localization, counting hours, counting days and relating days to seasons, etc. And of course, those patterns in the stars were also related to the Sun and the Moon.

So, surely all ancient cultures had people who dedicated many nights of their lifes to study the stars in detail right from the stone age. They would also perceive meteorites (falling stars) and eclipses. And sometimes a very rare and spetacular comet.

Then there are the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They are quite easily to notice to be distinct from the stars because all the stars seems to be fixed in the celestial sphere, but the planets don’t. They are very easily to notice to be wandering around in the sky with the passage of the days, specially for Venus, which is the brightest “star” in the sky and is also a formidable wanderer. Given all of that, the ancient people surely become very aware of those five planets.

About Mercury, initially the Greeks thought that Mercury were two bodies, one that showed up only in the morning a few hours before the sunrise and another only a few hours after the sunset. However, soon they figured out that in fact it was only one body, because either one or the other (or neither) could be seen in a given day and the computed position of the unseen body always matched the position of the seen body.

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