Monday, October 2

More on Whistleblower Grusch and UFO Crashes

“… we have been bombarded by reports from
David Grusch
about what he heard from sources he refuses to identify, and that the US
Government has, in its possession both
craft and bodies
from an alien source … Yet the main street media is acting as if this is
something new.”

     On June 25, there was another video put up on
YouTube about David Grush and his claims of captured or retrieved alien
craft, and the bodies of the alien pilots. It is a long interview and
you can watch it
here. Here’s one of the things I found interesting. They made it clear that
Grush had not been before a senate committee and he apparently had not
talked to any of the senators. He did meet with senators’ staffs and
answered their questions. It also seems that he met with, and was
questioned by members of the House. I don’t know how long that session,
or those sessions, lasted. I will not speculate about his being under
oath or if those sessions were somewhat less formal.
Kevin Randle -

By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

I will also note that in the above commentary, there was discussion of the
body language analyses that have been done. I did watch one and it seemed the
conclusion was a more or less, “I don’t know.” There were no significant
indications of lying, but there were hints that he might not have been
comfortable with what he was saying. Well, if he’s spilling secrets, I can
imagine that some of the questions might have made him nervous.

Here’s the thing about this that I simply do not understand. He is not the
first person with interesting credentials to make these claims. I too, have
talked with military officers who have some knowledge of UFOs, crash
retrievals, and the recovery of the alien flight crews.

Brigadier Arthur Exon told me about the material from the Roswell crash being
taken to Wright Field, later Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He said that he
talked with those involved in the analysis of the material. He said, “We heard
the material was coming to Wright Field.”

I asked about bodies and General Exon said, “There was another location… where
they did say there were bodies… they were all found outside the craft but were
in fairly good condition.”

And he said that one of the bodies had been taken to Lowry Army Air Field near
Denver because the Army had a mortuary service there. They would know the best
way to preserve what might be a unique biological sample. Exon said all this
on audio tape.

I asked him, specifically and he told me, “Roswell was the recovery of a craft
from space.” I have a letter from him in which he acknowledges that all the
quotes in the book, UFO Crash at Roswell were accurate and this is one
of those quotes.

The point is that here is an Air Force general acknowledging that the military
had recovered a craft not built on Earth and piloted by beings who were not
human. Yet this information was of no interest to the main stream media and
our attempts to share that information with the Air Force during their
investigation was not acknowledged.

Chester Lytle had a distinguished career. He was involved in creating the
trigger for the first atomic bombs, helped develop hydrofoil technology and
was a colleague of William Blanchard who was the commanding officer in Roswell
in July 1947. Don Schmitt and I interviewed Lytle several times and he shared
with us several UFO stories in which he was one of the primary witnesses. The
most important thing he said, however, he told to Robert Hastings, who
reported it in his book UFOs and Nukes.

According to Hastings, Lytle told him as he, Lytle, was making an emergency
trip to Chicago on an Air Force transport, Blanchard, traveling with him, told
him a little more about the strange craft that had been found in Roswell in
1947. Blanchard, who was the Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force in the
1960s, told Lytle that a spacecraft had crashed near his base and that there
had been four bodies recovered.

Hastings wrote, “Startled by Lytle’s unexpected admission, I [Hastings] asked,
‘Blanchard actually told you that the Roswell object was an alien spacecraft?’
Lytle replied emphatically, ‘Oh, absolutely!’”

Patrick Saunders, who was the adjutant at the Roswell Army Air Field in 1947,
bought copies of both UFO Crash at Roswell and
The Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell. He wrote on the flyleaf of
one of those books, “Here’s the truth and I still haven’t told anybody
anything!” He signed with “Pat.”

On that page, with a heading of “Damage Control, was a description of some of
the activities at the RAAF. It said:

Files were altered. So were personal records, along with assignments and
various codings and code words… After the impact site was cleaned, the
soldiers were debriefed, and the bodies and the craft removed, silence fell.
It would not be broken for almost forty-five years.

And not to drag this out much longer, Edwin Easley, who was the Provost
Marshal in Roswell, told me that he had been sworn to secrecy, that Mack
Brazel (the man who reported the wreckage to the base) had been held in the
base guest house for a number of days, confirming that end of the story, and
mentioned “the creatures,” to family members just prior to his death in the

The real point here is that in the last few weeks we have been bombarded by
reports from David Grusch about what he heard from sources he refuses to
identify, and that the US Government has, in its possession both craft and
bodies from an alien source. But this is exactly what Don and I reported in
the early 1990s complete with the names of sources and documentation
confirming the credentials of those sources. Yet the main street media is
acting as if this is something new.

I might add here, that I served as both an Army and an Air Force intelligence
officer. I served in Iraq and was decorated with the Bronze Star Medal and the
Combat Action Badge. In other words, I have some of the same credentials as
does Grusch, and when Don and I published our books on Roswell, the response
from the media was underwhelming.

My research, and Don’s research didn’t end there. I have since published
Roswell in the 21st Century and Understanding Roswell, which I believe
bring the whole of that case into sharper focus. And before someone mentions
the nonsensical Mogul explanation for the debris recovered, I might suggest
you consult both the books which demonstrate that Mogul is not a viable

If you are starved for names, dates, sources and documentation, these books
provide it and as my old nemesis used to say, “It only takes one case to prove
that UFOs are extraterrestrial.” Roswell is that case and the evidence
overlooked for decades is out there for those interested in reading about it.