Saturday, January 22

Haim Eshed, Israel’s Former Space Security Chief, Says Aliens Exist

Haim Eshed, the former chief of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate, said in an interview with an Israeli publication that aliens exist and that the US and Israeli governments had had contact with them.

Eshed went even farther, claiming that the US has a contract or pact with extraterrestrials that allows them to conduct experiments on Earth, and that human and alien representatives are cooperating in a secret underground base on Mars.

The story has been covered by major news organizations such as NBC and CNN. The NBC clip is embedded below.

What Are Your Thoughts on This Claim?

If this assertion were true, Haim Eshed worked in a position where he would be aware of it. However, it’s easy to be skeptical of such a bold assertion, especially when there are no witnesses.

Is it feasible to definitively verify the veracity of such a story? Probably not, but the topic is still worth debating. So let’s have a conversation about it.

The plot is fantastic.

Eshed’s assertion is as outlandish as they come, and if accurate, it would be a game-changing piece of news. Not only would this show that our technology is well beyond what the general public is aware of, but it would also imply that the world has been in the dark for decades regarding the government’s dealings with extraterrestrials.

According to the allegations, the US administration is actively collaborating with an alien civilization that belongs to a ‘Galactic Federation,’ and that the extraterrestrials have requested that the world’s governments keep their existence a secret until mankind is ready.

He further said that President Trump was aware of the intra-species agreements and had prepared to educate the public about them, but held back for fear of spreading panic.

Haim Eshed doesn’t appear to have provided any evidence to back up his claims, which is understandable given that such material would be jealously guarded if it existed.

Haim Eshed, the Claimant

When considering a narrative like this, it’s important to consider who’s making the allegation.

Haim Eshed is a retired Israeli Defense Forces brigadier general. He is well-known and has received numerous prizes and honours for his achievements. He is well-liked and respected.

Eshed is highly educated, with many degrees, in addition to his remarkable work background.

While none of these characteristics rule out the possibility that he is a liar, it’s tough to assume that someone with his background would do so.

The basic line is that in the area of Ufology, there aren’t many more credible people.

Is the Story True or False?

It’s impossible to tell whether Haim Eshed is telling the truth or is really insane. It doesn’t seem reasonable that he’d be prepared to risk his decades of reputation, so I’ll assume he at least believes these things to be true.

However, believing does not imply proof.

I’d love for this to be true, as I do with most claims I write about… but I’m suspicious, and I’m not alone. Perhaps Eshed has become delusional in his old age, or perhaps he is yearning to return to the public glare after being retired for so long. Eshed is now advertising a book about UFOs, so he has a financial interest to make some noise in this area, and perhaps even go on the UFO convention circuit to make even more money. To be clear, I’m not claiming that this is the case, but these are normal scenarios to consider when looking into these kinds of accusations.

Even if a claimant or witness is quite trustworthy, having distinct and independent proof can really take things to the next level. Perhaps someone else in a similar circumstance will come out soon to vouch for Eshed’s story and completely debunk it.

The UFO community will be waiting until then.