Monday, November 29

All Right. Let's Talk About The UFO Thing | Answers With Joe

All Right. Let's Talk About The UFO Thing | Answers With Joe

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With all the talk of UFOs, or as they’re now known, UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), and the soon-to-be-released Pentagon report addressing the phenomenon, and the leaked fighter pilot videos, and the hundreds of emails and comments I’ve received… I decided to chime in on the situation.
This should go over well. In no way will this video be taken too seriously.

Here are some of the “Dueling explanations” videos around the internet. Take a look and come to your own conclusions.

Mick West’s explanation for the “Gimbal” video:

Jeremy Corbell’s interview with ATFLIR expert John Erhart

Mick West responding to the John Erhart interview:

Lemmino’s fantastic video:

Lex Fridman’s interview with David Fravor

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New video from USS Omaha shows unknown aerial sphere vanishing into ocean