Monday, January 18

035 – UFOs

035 – UFOs

Convinced we’re alone in the universe? Think everyone who believes in UFOs is a lot like Randy Quaid’s character, Russel, in 20th Century Fox’s original Independence Day?

Get ready to entertain doubts after listening to this week’s episode with retired US Navy Commander David “Sex” Fravor (you may recognize him from numerous appearances on the 2008 PBS series, Carrier). You’ll be amazed to hear events that transpired off the coast of Mexico in November 2004—events witnessed not just by Commander Fravor but by three other aviators in his flight and several others on subsequent flights.

Cutting edge technology from the AEGIS radar system aboard the USS Princeton, a nearby Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser, to the Super Hornet’s radar and TFLIR systems recorded the day’s events. And yet, doubts and questions linger as to what was actually witnessed. The listener will have to decide for him- or herself.

During the listener question segment of this episode, we discuss mid-90’s flight simulators, math formulae used airborne, air intercepts, and IFF use in training.

Episode artwork is actual FLIR footage of the event as captured on November 14, 2004. Bumper music by Jaime Lopez.