Thursday, August 11

Temuera Morrison Voice Acting in ‘Star Wars’ Games

While reflecting on some of his voice-over roles for Star Wars video games in the mid-2000s, The Book of Boba Fett star Temuera Morrison has revealed that he will be dusting off his voice acting skills for future games set in the galaxy far, far away.


If you grew up playing Star Wars games around the time that Attack of the Clones or Revenge of the Sith came out, you would remember that Temuera Morrison did a lot of work at LucasArts as Jango Fett, Boba Fett, “Boss”, or any of the other clone troopers; the titles he lent his voice to include Bounty Hunter, Battlefront (2004), Republic Commando, Battlefront II (2005), and Empire at War, with archive audio used in the LEGO Star Wars titles The Video Game, The Original Trilogy, and The Complete Saga. After nearly a decade-long hiatus, Morrison returned to the franchise to voice Boba Fett in Battlefront (2015) and Battlefront II (2017) for Electronic Arts, although he did not voice the clone troopers briefly seen in Jedi: Fallen Order (as The Clone Wars voice actor Dee Bradley Baker covered for him there). Speaking to Gaming Bible, Morrison noted that he found it more difficult, but still rewarding, to do voice-over work for video games:


“I do a few voices for those video games. Very hard work, harder than acting! You try and get some emotion into a voiceover, all the instructions as well, you know? ‘Turn left, go right, you missed, try again.’”


More interestingly, however, is that Temuera Morrison pretty much said that he has more opportunities to do voice-overs for future games. When asked specifically about the possibility of a new Republic Commando title, he notes that he’d be excited for the opportunity (which does not seem to be on the table at the moment), but that there are others waiting in the wings that he can’t talk about just yet:


“Oh yes, oh yes. Definitely. The gaming is where it’s all at, too, because with a movie or a TV show it’s all over but with a game, you can be there a bit longer. There will be some coming, I can let you know that.”


As it stands, we do not know what such projects may be in the pipeline. Since Lucasfilm Games was relaunched, more Star Wars games have been confirmed to be in active development for quite some time. Given the number of Jango Fett clones that exist, it’s likely that Temuera Morrison has an abundance of options to choose from.


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