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Star Wars: The Untold Truth Of The Darksaber

Star Wars: The Untold Truth Of The Darksaber

What’s the story behind the unique-looking lightsaber everyone’s after in season two of The Mandalorian? It’s a key piece of Mandalore’s history and has the power to both unite and destroy the Mandalorian people. Here’s everything you need to know about the Darksaber.

As The Mandalorian implies, the Jedi and the Mandalorians didn’t always get along. Well over a thousand years before the Rebel Alliance and the Empire engaged in the Galactic Civil War, the warrior culture of the Mandalorians fought against the Force users in a conflict that ultimately ruined Mandalore’s environment, forcing its people to live inside sealed domes.

However, the two warring factions forged a temporary truce when Tarre Vizsla, a Force-sensitive Mandalorian, was inducted into the Jedi Order. As per Jedi tradition, Vizsla forged his own lightsaber, which had a black blade with a white rim that crackled with energy. This weapon became known as the Darksaber, and when Vizsla returned to Mandalore, he used it to unite the warring clans and become leader of the entire planet.

The peace didn’t last. After Vizsla died, the Jedi honored him by placing the Darksaber in one of their temples. Later, hostilities broke out again. As the Old Republic fell, Mandalorians invaded the Jedi temple and stole back the Darksaber, taking it to Mandalore, where it became a potent symbol of Mandalorian power. Keep watching to learn The Untold Truth Of The Darksaber!

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Forged by the first Mandalorian Jedi | 0:00
Wielded by Pre Vizsla | 1:24
A Civil War | 1:54
Reuniting Mandalore | 2:48
Not your typical lightsaber | 3:44
Created by George Lucas himself | 4:29
A nixed cameo | 5:15
Hunt for the Darksaber | 6:09
Questions answered, questions raised | 6:44

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