Monday, December 11

‘Star Wars: Hunters’ Officially Delayed To 2024

Game developer Zynga took to X/Twitter to officially announce that the Star Wars: Hunters mobile game has been delayed to 2024. This follows reports within the last several months of the publisher possibly planning on delaying the worldwide launch. While the game is currently in a “soft launch” with select countries having access to a playable version, a full worldwide release has now been pushed to an undisclosed date in 2024.


The official statement was put out today and it emphasizes the team’s desire “to ensure we meet the highest level of quality.” It also emphasizes that the developers plan to add more content ahead of the game’s worldwide launch, including a Ranked Mode and “exciting updates to core gameplay mechanics.” The full statement has been provided below:



Star Wars: Hunters was first revealed in 2021, over two years ago. Since then, the game has gone through multiple delays, most recently pushing it to 2023. It was reported in August of this year that the mobile game could be delayed to 2024, as per an earnings call from publisher Take Two Interactive. The new statement provided officially states the delay.


This also follows a recent behind-the-scenes video that was published on October 31. The behind-the-scenes video was a welcome update that gave fans a much-desired check-in on the state of the game and encouraged some that the game could be released “very soon.” The video showcased the process of creating one of the game’s new characters named Charr.


Currently, Star Wars: Hunters is playable on Android devices in select regions such as India and the Philippines. It is still slated to be made available on the Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices later in the future. In other news, it was also reported recently that the future title Star Wars: Outlaws could also be delayed to a later 2024 date, rather than the originally rumored early 2024 reports.


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