Sunday, November 27

New Line of ‘Star Wars’-Themed Gaming Chairs Revealed by Secretlab

Secretlab, an award-winning gaming chair specialist, has announced a partnership with Lucasfilm to create the Star Wars Secretlab Imperial Collection. This will include chairs inspired by the elite troops of the Galactic Empire in the Star Wars Secretlab Stormtrooper Edition, and a model inspired by Darth Vader himself in the Star Wars Secretlab Empire Edition.


The former is upholstered in white leatherette with black-textured ribbing on the side wings, and embroidered lines on the back of the chair, meant to mimic the Stormtrooper armor. “Stormtrooper” in Aurebesh is also embroidered on the back, and the Imperial Crest is also featured prominently on the front and back. The Empire Edition also includes the Imperial Crest taking the center stage, though this time it is in the Empire’s signature red and black colors. For this one “Empire” in Aurebesh is the text embroidered on the front edge of the chair, with textured ribbing reminiscent of Vader’s armor on the back.


Alaric Choo, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Secretlab, spoke about the chairs:


Star Wars-inspired Secretlab chairs have been one of the most highly requested collaborations from our community and Star Wars fans alike, and it’s amazing for us to now be a part of Star Wars’ 45-year legacy with this new collection. We opted for minimalist designs in our chairs, identifying the coolest elements of the Empire’s aesthetics and imagining what would fit naturally and tastefully into any Star Wars-themed home setup. I think we’ll be seeing some really impressive creations from fans with them.”


The new series is now currently available in sizes S, R, and XL. Here are some images released by Secretlab:



The Star Wars™ | Secretlab Imperial Collection will be available in the US and Canada at launch, but fans from other regions can register here to get all the latest updates on future availability.


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