Thursday, March 30

Editorial: Has Dave Filoni Already Given Hints to What Ahsoka May Be Like in Her Series?

Dave Filoni really likes to doodle. Actors and other collaborators have noted this many times. He, on rare occasions, shares these doodles with the fans on social media. Are these sketches subtle hints of future content or just random triviality? I personally think it’s reasonable that these are glimpses into the conceptualizing of what we might see in the Ahsoka series. Bear with me…


This is a purely speculative article, but certain aspects of it may seem like spoiler territory, so read on at your own peril.


Ahsoka and Gandalf drawing


The first image is that of Ahsoka and Gandalf. Obviously, we are not going to see a mega crossover event between Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. As awesome as that would be, I think it’s more of a hint at how Filoni sees Ahsoka at this point in her life. Here, they both have gray cloaks as we saw from her in The Mandalorian. So it may hint that another major transformation is coming for Ahsoka.




The second concept art is that of a white-cloaked Ahsoka with the staff she had in the Star Wars Rebels finale. The moon silhouetted behind her is reminiscent of her appearance in The Mandalorian. I don’t think she will be standing on a tree looking like Batman, on the prowl for nefarious villains. But… will she go from Ahsoka the Gray to Ahsoka the White through another World Between Worlds-like event on Mortis? Can you spot Morai in the stars?




The third image has Ahsoka in an outfit that has yet to appear anywhere. It is reasonable that her series could be the place where it makes its debut.


Little Ahsoka


In the next image we see a young Ahsoka. We got a backstory of her birth in Tales of the Jedi, but will we get more exploration in live-action?



Filoni is a well-known anime fanatic, and the influence of Princess Mononoke on season 4 of Star Wars Rebels is clear as day. Riding a giant wolf isn’t the only thing borrowed from that film. According to Filoni, the entire thing was a source of inspiration for Ahsoka. This concept art from the “Untold Tales” panel at Star Wars Celebration 2016 might be giving away Ahsoka’s favorite method of transportation in her own series.



This might have been an idea from the “walkabout arc” of season 7 of The Clone Wars. Originally, Ahsoka ran into a boy who helped her instead of the Martez sisters. There appears to be an explosion in the background, and this might be something repurposed for the new show.



This image appears to be of Ahsoka and Sabine traversing snowy mountains, possibly looking for Ezra. They could also be looking for the Mines of Moria, as it evokes Fellowship of the Ring vibes to me. My guess is they are looking for an old Jedi temple here.



Perhaps this comes from the same scene as the previous one with Sabine. Ahsoka looks out alone from the top of a mountain…


Ahsoka - Lucasfilm celebration


Last but not least, I decided to include this picture because I noticed Ahsoka’s staff seems to be radiating a power of sorts. I wonder if we will see a new type of Force weapon or concept in her show? Perhaps she won’t need lightsabers in the future…


What are your thoughts on these possibilities? What do you want to see in the Ahsoka series?


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