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‘Stargazer’ Comic Mini-Series To Bridge The Gap Between Seasons 2 And 3 Of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ –

IDW Publishing has announced all their August 2022 comic books, and there will be three new Trek titles for the month. This includes the launch of a new Stargazer mini-series set between seasons two and three of Star Trek: Picard. And the series is being co-written by Picard co-creator and co-executive producer Kirsten Beyer. August will also see the final entry in the Mirror War series and another entry in the Alien Spotlight series. We have details and covers for all the Trek comics.

New August 2022 Star Trek comics

Star Trek: Picard—Stargazer #1 (of 3)
(36 pages • $4.99)

Written by Mike Johnson & Kirsten Beyer; art by Angel Hernandez

Embark on a never-before-seen journey set between seasons two and three of the Paramount+ hit series Star Trek: Picard! After a tantalizing offer to return among the stars arises, Captain Jean Luc-Picard takes to the bridge of the U.S.S. Stargazer. But when trouble rears its head on a once peaceful, pre-warp planet from his past, Picard enlists the help of an old friend.

There will be four covers: A cover by Angel Hernandez, B cover by Megan Levens, a retail incentive variant cover by Liana Kangas, and a final variant available only in the IDW store.

A cover by Angel Hernandez

B cover by Megan Levens

RI variant cover by Liana Kangas

Star Trek: The Mirror War #8 (of 8)
(32 pages • $3.99)

Written by Scott Tipton & David Tipton; art by Gavin Smith.

After splintering the Cardassian blockade with a bold, joint attack and help from old friends, the crew of the I.S.S. Enterprise moves to end the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance once and for all. Enter the Mirror Universe and witness the fate of the Terran Empire in this explosive finale of The Mirror War!

There will be three covers: A cover by J.K. Woodward, B cover by Amanda Madriaga, and a retail incentive variant cover by Mark Alvarado.

A cover by J.K. Woodward

B cover by Amanda Madriaga

RI variant cover by Mark Alvarado

Star Trek: The Trill
(52 pages • $7.99)

Written by Jody Houser; art by Hendry Prasetya.

Someone is following Vanah, a research student and ex-applicant to the Trill Symbiont Initiate Program, after a life-changing event on a joint Trill-Federation science expedition. Delve into the world of the Trill in this suspenseful tale of tradition, independence, and survival.

There will be two covers: A cover Hendry Prasetya, and a retail incentive variant cover by Alexandra Beguez.

A cover Hendry Prasetya

RI variant cover by Alexandra Beguez

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