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Picard’ Season 3 Blu-ray/DVD Sets Have An Alternate Visual Effect That Has Fans Buzzing –

Fans have been receiving their Star Trek: Picard – The Final Season disc sets and noticing that one of the visual effects shots is different than they remembered seeing on Paramount+. This has been the cause of some discussion and speculation but we have the real story.

Different Flybys

The shot in question is from early on in the season finale (“The Last Generation”). About 10 seconds of the Enterprise-D flyby is different than what was streamed on Paramount+ which started the confusion. However, it turns out there actually have always been two versions of this flyby. One flyby VFX shot had a more simple starfield and camera angles, and that is the one that streamed internationally on Prime Video back in April. However, on Paramount+ the Enterprise flyby shot was more of a clear homage to the similar stock shots from TNG. This one is a more dramatic flyby with a nebula in the background. The new Blu-ray and DVD sets include the more simplified version that was streamed to international audiences who viewed Picard on Amazon Prime Video.

You can see a comparison of the two shots in the video below (posted to YouTube in April):

Contrary to fan concerns that this was some kind of “temporary” visual effect, sources tell TrekMovie that both shots are legitimate final visual effects. The production team swapped out the flyby shot late in the process, close to the final delivery of the episode for streaming on Paramount+ (but not for streaming on Prime, sometime after the episode’s release it was updated to match the Paramount+ version). So in a sense both of these versions are correct. We’re not sure why Paramount Home Entertainment used the international version of this episode on the disc sets.

TrekMovie has reached out to Paramount for comment so check back for updates to this story. Also check back later this week for our full review of the final season Blu-ray set.

Out now

Star Trek: Picard – The Final Season was released yesterday, September 6th, on DVD, Blu-ray, and a limited-edition Blu-ray SteelBook.

Here is the full list of special features (noting which are exclusive to the home media release)…

  • The Gang’s All Here – Featurette (Exclusive)
  • The Making of the Last Generation – Featurette (Exclusive)
  • Audio Commentary on select episodes (Exclusive)
  • Deleted Scenes (Exclusive)
  • Gag Reel (Exclusive)
  • Rebuilding the Enterprise-D – Featurette
  • Villainous Vadic – Featurette
  • Picard: The Final Season Q&A panel with cast and crew
  • Audio commentary on select episodes from the show creators and cast

You can order the final season on Amazon: Blu-ray for $34.96, Steelbook Blu-ray for $39.95, and DVD for $29.96.

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