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Legacy’ Spin-off Is “Just A Nice Idea” –

We have another update from a veteran of Star Trek: Picard talking about a potential spin-off. Now production designer Dave Blass is weighing in, pouring a bit of reality on hopes for what has been dubbed “Star Trek: Legacy.”

Dave Blass talks Legacy

As we have been reporting since Picard wrapped up its third and final season last April, showrunner Terry Matalas has wanted to follow up the show with what he has called “Star Trek: Legacy,” which would carry on the story of Captain Seven of Nine of the USS Enterprise G and her crew of “next Next Generation” characters. Members of the cast including stars of Star Trek: The Next Generation who appeared in season 3 have enthusiastically endorsed the idea. Just last week we reported that actress Michelle Hurd (Commander Raffi Musiker) said “If the fans still want it, they’ll start working on Star Trek: Legacy.

In a new interview with Wap Factor Trek, Picard production designer weighs in, clarifying the current status:

“Quoting Paramount, Star Trek: Legacy isn’t a thing,” he states, “so it’s not in development and it’s not in any way moving forward. Until that changes, it’s just a cool idea. It’s like Phase II of Star Trek: The Original Series. That actually got greenlit and was moving forward, but Legacy is just a nice idea. It’s great that the fans like it and want it, and maybe it will happen at some point. But right now, it’s not remotely a thing. It’s not happening unless something massive happens. Paramount is deep into production on Section 31 and Starfleet Academy.”

Dave Blass on the recreated Enterprise-D set from Picard season 3

To be fair to Hurd’s more optimistic update, the actress did note that work on Legacy would follow the Section 31 TV movie (which started shooting this week) and Starfleet Academy (slated to start filming later this year). For his part, earlier this month Terry Matalas also made it clear that there was no development work being done for Legacy, noting “I wish!”

In the new interview with David Blass, the production designer did offer his hopes for Legacy, saying “I think everyone would love to see it happen.” When it comes to the logistics of such a thing, Blass pointed out that even if Paramount+ were to give the show a green light today, no production could take place until 2025, noting “Everything takes time and a lot of money.”

Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “The Last Generation” (Paramount+)

In an interview with TrekMovie late last year Blass talked about how he had put some thoughts into how he would approach things if Legacy were ever to happen. Regarding the set designs of the Enterprise-G, Blass said:

“I think we would keep the same style [as seen on Picard]. And I think we would be able to do things bigger, better, cooler. I appreciate what they what they do on the on the other [Star Trek] shows. I also look at something like The Mandalorian as a good touchstone because The Mandalorian looks like it belongs in the Star Wars universe. The technology is the same. Just because they have the “Volume” (AR Wall virtual set) and the technology to do big cool things, you don’t need to change what the look of it looks like. So I would do what we did in Picard in Legacy. It should look like Star Trek. It should look like what an evolution of what Star Trek: The Next Generation would look like. Going into it, knowing that budgets are going to be tight and we’re going to do things and make use of the technology in ways that would benefit the show. So if you have to go to a new planet, maybe that’s the best way to use the Volume AR wall and expand sets. Maybe our engine room is more of a classic, Next GenerationVoyager, First Contact engine room that is a physical set that’s got height and does something like that, not a virtual set.”

It’s worth checking out the full interview at Warp Factor Trek for more from Blass on designing for Star Trek: Picard.

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