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A Shortfall of Gravitas, How SpaceX's Droneship works? How Octagrabber safe boosters after landing?

A Shortfall of Gravitas, How SpaceX's Droneship works? How Octagrabber safe boosters after landing?

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It was back in 2015 when SpaceX landed its first rocket successfully, after several attempts that ended up in fiery explosions every time, the company was trying to save the majority of its Falcon 9 rockets after they lift off, in order to re-fly them again to reduce the company’s overall manufacturing costs.

The Rocket Was Carrying 11 Satellites destined for low-Earth orbit, and it’s very important to note that Falcon heavy is not a small rocket like BlueOrgin New Shepard or SpaceX Grasshopper, and it carried important cargo in this mission before its successful landing on a landing pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

SpaceX has aimed from the beginning to have a Sea-based rocket landing since 2013. After many Failures, They Collected the data to make their first successful Sea-landing on a moving pad in the ocean in 2016, the drone ship called “Of Course I Still Love You”, a Floating barge, like its sister ship “Just Read The Instructions,” it is named after a starship in the late Iain M. Banks sci-fi novels.

Sea-based rocket landings are considered to be more difficult than ground-based landings. It’s a smaller target area and the drone ship itself is constantly moving because of the motion of the sea.

So, it would be reasonable to question; why all future launches aren’t attempted on stable ground? Why SpaceX would choose a drone ship landing over a more stable landing pad? & what’s the mysterious robot roaming about on one of SpaceX’s drone ships?

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