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The Mini Space Shuttle Joins SpaceX and Boeing In Orbit | X-37B March 17th 2020 Launch

The Mini Space Shuttle Joins SpaceX and Boeing In Orbit | X-37B March 17th 2020 Launch

The US Space Force X-37B unmanned space plane launched May 17th, 2020 from Cape Canaveral, ten days before the scheduled May 27th launch of the manned SpaceX Dragon 2 Demo 2 mission. It is likely that when SpaceX’s Dragon 2 returns to space later in 2020 and when both of Boeing’s planned manned Starliner missions occurs in 2021, the X-37B will still be in orbit as the space plane is designed for multi-year missions. Join us as we go over what the X-37B is, its current mission, possible future variants, and why the Space Force is flying it.

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