Tuesday, March 2

Taken 30 Years Ago, NASA Shows Earth Photos in Space

Taken 30 Years Ago, NASA Shows Earth Photos in Space

Pictures of “Pale Blue Dot” or real photographs of Earth taken from a distance of about four billion miles have been re-imaged and released by NASA to commemorate its existence for 30 years.

The picture might indeed not be very visible. However, one pale blue pixel seen in the famous photo is Earth in the vastness of space.

The Pale Blue Dot image is one of the last photos ever taken by NASA Voyager’s vehicle before the camera is turned off forever to save power.

Voyager has completed a tour of the planets and is set to head to interstellar space. However, two imaging scientists Carl Sagan and Carolyn Porco feel compelled to take the last photo of the solar system.

Many other planets have not changed in the last 60 frames. However, something about the pale blue light of the Earth has captured the imagination of space enthusiasts for decades.

The portrait consists of the Sun and six planets in a 60-frame mosaic made of a 32-degree viewpoint above the ecliptic plane. “Planet Earth is captured in one pixel in a single frame.