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Manned Mars Mission | The Mars Base

Manned Mars Mission | The Mars Base

This is the second part of our multi-part special on the conquest of Mars. The first part was about the challenges of the Mars spacecraft and this part is about building the first settlement on Mars. Because no other planet in our solar system seems more likely to become a second home for humans in a not too distant future.

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0:00 Intro
0:55 Ancient astronomers
1:01 Planet Mars
2:12 Risk of extinction
2:28 Mars facts
2:39 Surface radiation & lack of a global magnetic field
3:00 Possible human habitats on Mars
3:41 Sandstorms
3:56 Power Supply
4:31 Life support system
4:48 Agriculture on Mars
5:27 Low temperatures
5:42 Building techniques
6:18 On-site production
6:54 Elon Musk
7:11 Ending

Script: Sven Piper
Voice over: Tom Bennett
Editing: Sven Piper

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The pictures are from NASA, SpaceX and ESA.

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