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There are {many|several} {types of|styles of} reader glasses. {If|In case} you are new to {needing|needing to have} {glasses|eyeglasses|eyewear} for reading or {close work|working close-up}, then you will {probably|most likely} {need|want} a pair of reading glasses {like|such as} {the two|both} {types|styles} {mentioned|cited} {above|just above|previously}. {Once|After} you have {experienced|tried out} readers, you {might be|may be} {in the market|looking|searching} for {something|a product} {a bit|a tad} more {specific|custom} to your {use|application}.

Bifocal Reading {Glasses|Eyeglasses}

As we {age|grow older|get older}, our eyes have {more|greater} {difficulty|trouble} focusing {clearly|properly} on {different|various} distances, {a condition|a problem} {known as|referred to as|called} presbyopia. Bifocals help {people|those} who have {trouble|difficulty} with {both|}
{near- and far|far- and near-}sightedness with lenses that {have|come with} two {different|distinct} optical {powers|strengths} – one for {distance|long range}, one for {close up work|close work}.

{One|A distinct} {disadvantage|drawback} of bifocals is that {there is no|there isn’t a} correction for {intermediate|mid-} distance vision, {such as|including} {working at|working from} a computer. {This|Doing this} {can|could} cause headaches or eye {strain|stress}.

Reader Sunglasses

{Protecting|Safeguarding|Shielding} your {eyes|eye sight} while {outdoors|outside} {is important|is very important} and is {especially|particularly} {important|crucial} if you {are reading|read} a book or {magazine|newspaper} in the {bright|} sunlight. There are {reader|reading} sunglasses that you {can|may} {get|buy} that will {protect|shield} your eyes {from|against} {the glare off of pages|page glare}. {They|These} are {also|likewise} {available|offered} in many {fashionable|trendy|attractive} {styles|looks} {so that|to make sure that} you {can|are able to} {enjoy|indulge in} {the latest|the most recent} {novel|best-seller} at the {beach|shore} without {sacrificing|compromising} your {sense of style|fashion sense}.

Bifocal reader sunglasses are {also|even} {available|easily available} in many {styles|designs} and {colors|color options}. {They|These} have the {dual|double} {advantage|benefit} of {allowing|enabling} you to read in the {sun|sunlight} and {enjoy|delight in} the {scenery|surroundings|views} without {switching|changing} to {regular|normal} sunglasses.

Magnetic Readers

Magnetic readers, also {known as|called} Cliks, {come apart|split up} at the {nose bridge|bridge} and magnetically {rejoin|reattach} at the bridge. {They|These} have {a built in|a built-in|an integrated} glasses keeper that {allows|enables} them to {hang|drape} around your neck for {convenience|handiness}. Cliks are the {answer to|solution to} {always|constantly} having your reading glasses {nearby|close by} {even if|even though} you {don’t|might not have} have {a pocket|a place} to put them {in|inside}.

Folding Readers

When {you don’t have much space|space is at a premium}, {folding readers|reading glasses that fold} {fit the bill|are the solution}. These {small|little|compact} glasses {fit in|fit inside} a small {evening bag|handbag} or pocket and are {handy|clever} {alternatives|options} that {usually|typically|generally} {have|come with} {a small|a mini} carrying case that {fits|fits in} {practically|almost} {anywhere|any place|just about anywhere}.

Progressive Reading Glasses

Also {called|referred to as|named} trifocals, progressive reading glasses {have|provide} {multiple|several} {strengths|eyeglass strengths} all {within|in just} {one|a single} pair. {They|These} have no {lines|visible lines} and {allow|enable|permit} the {wearer|user} to see {clearly|properly} {no matter|regardless} if they are {doing|carrying out} {close|close up} work, intermediate range work or {need to|have to} see clearly {at a distance|far away}.

Cheap Readers

Readers {can be|may be} {purchased|bought} at most any {price|cost} {point|range} from $1 to {hundreds of|many hundreds of} dollars for designer reading glasses. {If|In case} you are {just|only} {starting to|beginning to} {need|require} reading glasses, your eye {doctor|physician|specialist} {may|may well} {tell|advise} you {to get|to buy} {a cheap readers|a cheap pair of readers} until your {eyesight|vision} {deteriorates|weakens} to the point where you {need|may need} {custom made|customized} reading glasses.

The {less expensive|cheaper|more economical|less costly} glasses {allow|enable} you to {have|get} {multiple|several|a number of} pairs so that you {aren’t|typically aren’t} too {worried|concerned} about {breaking|damaging} or losing them.

The {drawbacks|shortcomings} of cheap readers are that the frames are {usually|typically|normally} not {trendy|stylish|cool and trendy}, {both|the two} lenses have the {same|identical} correction and the optical center of the lenses {is not|isn’t} {precisely|specifically} {customized|tailored} to your eyes. {If|Should} you {experience|get} headaches, nausea or notice {significant|considerable} eye strain, it is {best to|recommended that you} check with your eye {physician|doctor|health specialist} to {see|determine} if you {might|may} {need to|have to} {transition|progress} to {a custom made|a custom} prescription pair of readers.

Computer Reading Glasses

Reading glasses {specifically|especially} {engineered|developed} for computer {screens|displays|monitors} are {called|referred to as} computer glasses. Computer screens {emit|give off|release} blue light which {can be|may be} {harmful|damaging} to your eyes {just as|just like} UV rays can. If you {work in|do work in} front of computer screens {all day|throughout the day}, or you are {worried about|concerned about} the {effects|consequences|side effects} of blue light on your {children’s|son’s or daughter’s} eyes, you should get {these|these types of} “blue blockers”. {Both|Either} prescription or non-prescription computer readers {come with|include|feature|have} {standard|basic} anti-reflective lenses to {eliminate|reduce|minimize} eye strain and {give|provide} 100% UV {protection|shielding}.

{Another|An additional} {alternative|option} is {to get|to buy} glasses with photochromic {lenses|glass} {which|that} also {protect|shield} from blue light and UV light. This {type|kind|form} of lense darkens {automatically|completely on its own} and can be {used|utilized} like reader sunglasses. {These types of|These kinds of} glasses are {generally|} custom-made.

Best Cheaters

The best men’s reading glasses and the best women’s reading glasses are the {ones|type} that {give|provide} you the {clear|crystal clear} {vision|eyesight} you {seek|look for} {with none of the downsides|without the downsides}. Headaches, eye fatigue and {blurry vision|blurriness} are {signs|indicators} that you don’t have the {right|best} glasses to do the job right.