Lasik Surgery Recovery Experience

Everyone’s eyes are different; and their recovery experience from lasik surgery is likewise different.

You will most likely choose a very experienced surgeon for your procedure that has done hundreds, if not thousands, of lasik surgery procedures.  Each surgeon, through experience, has developed a post-surgical protocol that works best for his or her patients.  Some bandage eyes for 12-24 hours to protect them and reduce eye strain.  Others provide protective goggles.  Still others have their own methods for shielding the eyes from any disruption.  Whatever method your doctor employs, know that it has worked best for that particular surgeon and, thus, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do this.

Your surgeon will advise you not to touch your eyes, or rub them for a period of days or weeks following surgery to allow for the proper healing of your eyes.  He or she will prescribe eye drops in order to keep your eyes from drying out and to protect them from infection.  You should experience minimal discomfort through the healing process and most patients report nothing more than mild itching or irritation akin to having something “in your eye” such as a grain of sand.   Staying away from places that are extraordinarily dusty or where there is flying debris until your eyes heal completely is sound advice for the lasik patient.

Some patients experience a halo or glow around objects at night.  This is normal and should dissipate within a few months.  Wearing sunglasses during the day will help you adjust to any light sensitivity you might experience for the first few weeks after surgery.

It is important to keep your regularly scheduled post-operation appointments with your surgeon.  He or she will check on the healing progress and assess the improvement in your vision to make sure that you achieve your vision goals.

In few cases, about 2-3% of surgeries, a follow-up surgery might be necessary to further correct your vision.  While this doesn’t happen very often, it does not mean that something went wrong; it just means that more fine tuning will improve your vision that much more.  This is called an “enhancement” and is an option that is available to you.

Your eyes will heal after lasik surgery and your recovery experience will be different than other people’s experience.  Most people are surprised and excited that their recovery is so smooth and they can return to work and normal activities right away.